We Love


... at LOUD & LOVD.

With a strong focus on design and product development, selected materials and well chosen ingredients, we build and manage brands for influencers. With 15 years expertise in Fashion, Beauty, Brand Management and Marketing we know how to establish and build up a desirable brand.


We are supported by a strong team, cooperate with the best partners and suppliers, have a huge network and COVER Communications as established influencer agency on our side.


Anne Höweler

has her roots in Fashion Design and used to work as designer and trend scout for big companies for several years.

In 2007 she already moved into the new surrounding of influencers and founded COVER Communications in 2012. It is the first Influencer Marketing agency in the premium segment for fashion, beauty & lifestyle, which is known for its largest influencer network in Germany.

At LOUD & LOVD her main focus is on fashion design and we gain from her network to retailers, producers and professionals of the fashion industry as well as the insights and experience of COVER Communications.

Tanja Mehler

is a real marketeer and lead internatinal brand management including the product development of various well-known beauty & lifestyle brands.

After almost 10 years in the cosmetic industry, she worked for a camera manufacturer, where she led the lifestyle brands and introduced the Influencer Marketing in Europe. In addition, Tanja is the founder and designer of the Fashion Accessories (camera bags and straps).

Product development, positioning, building, managing and marketing of the brands are her strength, which will be visible on each brand development at LOUD & LOVD.

Her design focus is on beauty & lifestyle products.

Our values


in building strong brands.

Unique design & innovative product development

for each single product.

Outstanding concepts

elaborated to the last detail.


in our work, every product and the smallest detail.


with honesty we celebrate success.

Long-term thinking & acting

Success is our goal.


Siemssenstraße 4, 20251 Hamburg

+49 151 / 55 35 60 61