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Email: hello@loudandlovd.com

Office: Aldringenstraße 4, 80639 München

P: +49 89 / 877 69 17 23 | M: +49 178 / 655 43 56

We build & manage
influencer brands from
initial ideas to successful sales.

"To stand out from the crowd,
each product needs to be individual and each brand needs a distinct identity with
a captivating story!"


Our endless passion and
expertise is in...

Share your style

We support you to create your favourite fashion pieces. Design your personal must-haves and build up your own brand!

Give your tips & secrets

Our experts will help

you to develop your

own beauty line.

Share your beauty secrets with your followers!

Bring specials alive

Create your best daily companions like bags, jewellery, interior & fitness tools! Designers and experts support you!

Our services

LOUD & LOVD will take the stress out of bringing your own brand dream to life!


From the idea and concept of the brand, the design, the product development, the whole setup and administration to sales, we will take care of all steps within the product lifecycle.

Always thinking ahead and working on a long-term strategy while building up your individual brand world!

Through the process we handle everything, leaving you free to do what you do best.